Building a blockchain product not only involves ‘Design Thinking’. The ‘second’ part of building a product involves another cycle - “Developer Experience”. Good communication and documentation is commonly known as the best developer practices. With the rapid adoption of open source code and decentralisation of teams - what is the best approach and methodologies for developers when it comes to building a product from grounds up?

Designers use UX methods and principles to deliver a positive experience. DX design is about understanding the context of use, understanding what developers need to complete their tasks, underlying technology, integration points, and focussing on how developers feel while using a product or services.

Building a new product means trying new ideas, a lot of iterations and moving quickly. In order to be more efficient, we need Developer Experience principles that represent the developer needs and the company’s product goals. Principles are the guiding light for any software application. Developer Experience define and communicate the key characteristics of the product to a wide variety of stakeholders and team members. They articulate the fundamental goals that all decisions can be measured against and thereby keep the pieces of a project moving toward an integrated whole.

  1. Build - planning, design, implementation
  2. Test - continuous integration & security, iteration & code freeze
  3. Deploy - maintenance and analysis

Building a product is a continuous cycle - there is no finish. If a company thinks they have done their job after a successful launch. They are wrong - products are continuously iterated and moving with the trends of the consumer. As a development team, it is important for methodologies to be practiced.

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PIVX @ Provenance Summit Seoul 2018



September 19, 2018

Provenance Events are delighted to announce the attendance of two PIVX core developers Matias Furszyfer (“Furszy”) and “Fuzzbawls” and PIVX project as a partner of Provenance Summit, Seoul happening on the 20th November 2018.

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Status @ Provenance Summit, Seoul 2018



September 13, 2018

Provenance Events are delighted to announce Patrick Bowen & Hester Bruikman as speakers and Status as a partner of Provenance Summit, Seoul happening on the 20th November 2018.

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